Betting on football

Betting on football

3 most important rules for successful betting on football

The most gambled with sport in the world has its pitfalls, and no strategy in the world will 100% guarantee a profit. What to do to have fun when betting on football, and how to get close to making a profit when betting? Together with we prepared 3 brief rules that can help you.

There are many pages dedicated to betting on football. Some are free, others paid. Each one of them usually has a goal of luring gambling fans especially those that like football. Even when using their tips for long-term success when betting on football it is necessary to familiarize yourselves with the 3 rules.

1. Be ready to learn new leagues and the football market of bets

Many fans of football that decide to bet make a basic error. They don’t realize that understanding football is continually connected with the understanding of bets on football. They go hand-in-hand, and only with time does the football better realize and subsequently value the dynamic of betting markets in football. He finds out that how an upcoming match differs in the eyes of experienced betters from those of typical beginners, or rather football bet placers that don’t realize this reality in the beginning.

How to get over this time without losing the joy from betting on football because of lost money? Start with the leagues that you know the most and ideally with smaller bets that won’t harm your budget for betting. Many experienced betters started their careers with so-called fictitious bets without actual money. Thanks to this experience they got a deeper understanding of the individual parts of the football bet market and they’ve developed them into actual bets. Getting to know new leagues in which you know your way and discovering individual football markets with various betting offices or sports exchanges is an integral part of learning for experienced betters.

Approach betting humbly. If you find the teams of the English Premier League to be better than the media finds them, do not mix this up with a deep understanding of the football betting market. These are two different terms that have to be understood for successful betting.

2. Bet only on chances that you find valuable

An important factor in football bets is finding and betting on chances that you like for their value. That means that the probability of success of your tip is larger than what the bookmaker is showing in their rate. You’ll make the most for success if you choose the path of finding valuable bets or so-called valuebets. To find a probability higher than that shown by the rate for the given chance should be the principle of successful betting.

You can find the value anywhere. In any case, as time passed and with the improvements in technologies, the value of chances is at a lower average than it was in the early times of online betting. An important factor that affects its finding in the highest amount is, of course, time. The value is created during sudden changes in the football line up, information about the importance of a match for whichever team, during changes of the playing field, referees, player penalties, and also during injuries. This information will surely cause fluctuation of the rates and a change of the probability of chances for various football betting markets. (see free football predictions)

How to calculate the valuebet or rather the value of the bet can be found on our page with a detailed example.

3. Choose the correct financial management of your bets

How much you should be betting on your bets during football bets? A question with an answer that’s very important for the safe betting and avoiding bankruptcy, or a loss of a large amount of money. Whether you’re a serious fan of betting and would like to profit in the long-term thanks to football bets or just a recreational bet placer that’s interested in football weekends filled with matches from worldwide leagues, make sure to follow these 3 rules:

  • Only bet money that you can afford to loose
  • Never play to get your lost money back
  • Never raise your bets if you have a black streak of losing tickets

Having a budget for betting and a financial plan is very important in the career of every better. Having an unbroken bank and with its appropriate values of bets depending on the height of the value or alternating with so-called flat bets is necessary for long-term effectiveness and profitability from betting on football. You can use various strategies of bets such as Kelly Criterion or Flat Stakes. It's important to determine a safe percentage of the bank that cannot be violated. A player with a bank of EUR 10,000 should not exceed EUR 500 during a single bet which represents 5% of his bank. Ideally, his average deposits for a typical bet should be with an average value of 1% - 2% of the bank. A part of successful money management is also detailed statistics and analysis of individual bets.

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