Betting Tips for LIVE BETTING

Betting Tips for LIVE BETTING

There is no single perfect betting strategy for live betting that you can follow. In reality, anyone can discover a winning strategy which matches their style and bankroll. There are two key parameters for fine-tuning your live betting strategy: time and odds (prices, rates).

Decisive factor for live betting

The time of play is considered a decisive factor for live betting. The odds (probability) of winning continuously shift and change depending on how much time has passed and specifically how much time is left until the end of the sports event. Betting players can make use of this time regardless of their style – simply by betting on a certain outcome, which could either be good or bad.

Early bets

One simple rule is to make an early bet if we are betting on an outcome which captures that "nothing will happen" (such as betting on ties, having less than 2.5 goals, less corner kicks etc.). The reason is clear: the betting rates for such an outcome continuously move downwards and the probability of winning when betting on such an outcome will increase over time.

Later bets

On the other hand, a later bet on selections can lead to higher payoffs. Of course the winning probability of these bets is traditionally much lower, but individual bets can become much more profitable (e.g., betting on the final result, having more goals in a match, the outsiders winning etc.).

So how do you decide on online bets?

The movement of the rates depends on pre-game prognoses and subsequently depends not only on the time remaining until the end of the game but also on a number of other aspects such as the current score, players, card statistics, attacks, dangerous attacks, standard situations... There exists a template capturing each such aspect, and this template is used (with minor modifications such as different margins) by all betting agencies. That is how the specific movement of odds is determined. For instance, if the odds that the domestic team wins are 1.25 just before the match starts, assuming that there are no unusual circumstances and the score is 0:0 after 30 minutes have passed in a soccer game, the odds for this outcome would change to about 1.5.

One important thing is to make the right decision while taking into account the added value of the preferred odds (i.e., the odds of the preferred outcome or team). Whether the bet is still considered advantageous or whether it would be good to cancel it or add a layer of insurance; in some cases you can also have an early payoff for a certain percentage loss.

Of course, strict and responsible Money management is the most important component of every successful strategy. (Separate section).

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