Hockey bets

Hockey bets

Popular leagues and tournaments in Ice Hockey Bets

Ice hockey is very popular in both North America and Europe. Canada, the USA, Russia, Scandinavia, and Central Europe enjoy this winter sport very intensively. The European betting community cannot imagine sports betting without one of the most popular team sports in Europe. The Hockey offerings of betting offices are rich before the game and mainly live. Which leagues in the fastest game of the world attract the greatest attention of sports betting fans?

NHL and KHL reign in league tickets

Five skaters and a goal-keeper on each side of the playing field are an integral part of the hockey game in every hockey league in the world. The peak of popularity is held by the North American NHL, which currently plays 31 teams and each of them will play a respectable 82 games until the end of the regular season. Most players in the NHL are from Canada (more than 3 hundred) and the USA. Followed by the Swedes with a hundred players. The number of Finns, Russians, and Czechs is less than half compared to the three crowns.

In 2008, a European alternative was added to the hockey map as an alternative to the best hockey league – the KHL. The Russian Continental Hockey League founded by Alexander Medvedev consists mainly of domestic players (500+). The foreign enclave with several dozen players is represented mainly by Canadians, Belarusians, Finns, Latvians, Swedes, Kazakhs, Czechs, and players from the USA. The league consists of 24 teams.

During the whole season from August to May, the NHL and KHL resonate most in bookmakers' stats as the hockey leagues with the biggest turnover and number of tickets. In European countries, they compete with the highest domestic competition. The popularity ranking of hockey leagues continues with the Swedish SHL, the Finnish Liiga, the German DEL, and the Swiss National League. Among the favorite leagues, we can also include lower competitions from us or abroad. The North American AHL or the Russian VHL complement the offer at night and in the eve.

Popular Winter Classic and All-Star matches

Attractive specialties, where there is no need and goals and untraditional hockey competitions include matches under the auspices of individual hockey leagues. Among the most popular tipsters are All-Star games of hockey legends in the NHL and the KHL. Do you know why? Probably every hockey fan knows there's no need for a lot of great action with a goal dot. Goalkeepers are constantly in permanence, but at the end of the duel, we sometimes witness ties with double-digit scores. That's why betters like to enjoy betting on opportunities for specific goal scorers in the match. Odds are not as attractive as in league competitions, but the high probability of the striker scoring makes a great theater for fans of hockey bets from the All-Star match.

World Championships in ice hockey are a TOP at an international level

Tournament hockey formats are the most popular hockey championships that write their history every year in May.

Other international tournaments of representations and clubs

The format of the IIHF International Hockey Federation is completed throughout the year in individual age categories for both men and women. Most of them are available in the offer of bookmakers before the game and live. League leaves outside the World Championship belong to representation blocks in all age groups. German Cup, Swiss Cup, Slovakia Cup, matches before the World Championship as part of a European tour, or some solo friendly matches are equally enjoying their popularity with betters.

At the club level, betters got used to the favorite Champions League that starts in August. It will culminate in the traditional finale in early February. A month earlier, fans of the Continental Cup will come on their own. The final is on the agenda every year on the second weekend of January. In the festive season, there is a very popular and prestigious Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland, with an annual culmination at New Year's Eve.

Olympic Games and World Cup

At an international level, we should not forget tournaments whose cycle is not so common in terms of popularity. Only every 4 years is the Olympic Winter Tournament.

The tradition begins to lack even the World Cup, which was to be considered a TOP triumph in the representative jersey when it was founded in 1992. Its 4th continuation in 2020 has been abolished and further unsettled so far.

Top Hockey Opportunities

We will add the cross-section of the most popular leagues and tournaments in ice hockey with the opportunities most sought by hockey betting enthusiasts. The trend moves forward in favor of LIVE betting, therefore, traditional pre-game tips for winning, tie, or over/under complement partial bets on thirds and the number of goals in them, individual results of players or individual teams in each part of the game.

Very popular pre-game bets include tips from the opportunities "Goal striker", "The player will reach an assist" or "Player will reach a point" in each game of all the most famous hockey leagues, including the home competition.

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