Learn your sport

Learn your sport

Do you enjoy sport, its background, and learning about what's behind the scenes and what happens after the games? Or are you rather a pragmatist who likes to analyze all available information? A sensible approach to active or even passive sport can help you get a good understanding of the odds and to identify value.

What to focus on?

Learning easily available information about current form, position in tables, or official statements made for the media is not sufficient. As far as soccer or other collective sports go, it’s a good idea to start with a league or team for which you’ll know all there is to know. Especially so that this information can be used to find valuable betting odds. The situation is similar in tennis. It would certainly be helpful to get information from the private life of the given tennis player that could put you in a more favorable position. Sometimes it’s an advantage to know more than the bookmaker does. Initially, odds are indeed created based on form, ranking, match history, experience etc. That is why obtaining even minor pieces of information can really help. For instance, if a tennis player is about to get married or will be playing on another tournament that is approaching – factors like these can affect a person’s performance.

How to apply discovered information?

Such information is highly valuable during exchanges and can expand one’s options, either in terms of allowing possible growth for the better or growth for potential turnover. Having several valuable tips can lead to the creation of one’s own value system. Furthermore, the better can obtain a good reputation in the betting community and will eventually be able to straightforwardly exchange information and tips with those who focus on other sports, leagues or teams. Soon you’ll realize that some odds issued by bookmakers don’t seem right to you. And if you think you know more, you can use that to your advantage. This allows you to correctly setup bank management and “punish” the odds which seem to lie far from reality. In the long term, being responsible and patient can in certain cases allow you to beat the odds set by bookmakers.

Some final tips

The amount of information available in the world of sports is growing nearly exponentially. And so one needs to focus on those pieces of information which are of greatest value. Information is only valuable if it hasn’t made an impact on the market yet. Sometimes it’s not needed to study the available information in detail. Some odds comparison services (oddsportal.com) will display a range of changes – odds go up and down over time. You can focus on betting agencies which simply fell behind and did not adjust their odds to what’s considered the currently fair level. If you succeed in betting with such advantageous odds, you’ll be able to increase your potential long-term revenue.

But, let's be honest, isn't it better to also know at least some information about the causes of these fluctuations? Such information is much more versatile than simply seeing how the odds changed – after all, the latter can only help you in a single bet and won’t help you in the long term. Meaning that you might be waiting for some time before a bookmaker makes a similar mistake.

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