Live betting

Live betting

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular in the past years and currently holds a respectable share of the betting market. Its popularity is based on the belief that it is easier to beat the betting agency (bookmaker) if you place your bets during the event itself, since you can watch the event live to maximize your chance of winning. However, the truth is that live betting is even harder to manage than standard betting; it requires a high level of discipline, control and management. And that holds especially if you want to make a profit in the long run.

Live betting - betting on a sports event which already started

You might have seen other names for live betting. Some call it in-play betting or in-running betting, but the idea is exactly the same. The primary characteristic is that you can place your bet after the sports event began and are allowed to make several bets, at various opportunities all the way until the end of the match or until the game stops for some reason (goal, challenge, red card, penalty, disqualified goal – all depending on the specific sport). The vast majority of the best rates online betting agencies offer a wide range of live betting options for a number of sports. Football (soccer), basketball, tennis and horse racing are still the most popular sports in this area.


The best way to secure and maintain a potential long-term profit in live betting is to choose and follow a specific betting strategy. There are many such strategies – similarly as there are many investment products – and it's up to you to choose the right strategy for you, depending on whether you want it to focus on risk, speculation, or rather want it to be conservative. The number of strategies is nearly the same as the number of people who use them in live betting. Regardless of the strategy, the highest priority of a player should not be to maximization of profit but rather the minimization of potential losses. Some popular betting systems such as Martingale can become dangerous if you try to use them in live betting. The placement of consecutive bets and the addition of doubled bets (as expected by the Martingale system) could easily lead to a negative outcome, since the bookmakers have adopted the necessary precautions such as maximum betting limits – either in terms of the deposit or net payout. And this holds especially if your bankroll is fairly large, since this goes hand in hand with large bets which might lead to your hitting the "ceiling" and preventing you from getting your money back; recall that the theory behind the Martingale system assumes that the bankroll is infinite. It is hence very important to choose the right amount to bet and to avoid such a strategy in case of higher bets.

More information about betting strategies is available in our article "Betting Tips for LIVE BETTING".

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