Online betting responsibly

Online betting responsibly

Online betting responsibly

Many people visit betting agencies, make online bets, or just send their bets while watching their popular sport using their mobile phone. If you know that you cannot always win, betting can be a pleasant long-term form of entertainment. Losing is also part of the game and you need to be prepared to lose. That is why you should always bet responsibly and never risk money that you can't afford to lose. Betting is a form of gambling and may lead to addiction. You might lose track of time and your money. You should enjoy yourself when betting, even if you're not winning at the moment.

Do you bet too much?

Does it seem to you that you bet every day, always seem to be betting money and keep losing more than you planned? Have you had a long-term streak of bad luck? If you seem to be preferring your entertainment with betting over your family and work, you might be slowly becoming addicted or perhaps already are. First of all you should realize that the more you want to win or compensate for your losses, the higher the risk of another loss. At that moment you start betting under pressure, it's no longer just about fun. Try asking your betting agency for help and let them create betting limits for you that you cannot exceed. That's the only way to help you and your close ones.

Set your limits

Make use of the possibility of setting limits to your account at the betting agency:

  • The betting agency can block your account for a certain period of time that you can choose, in order to allow you to take a temporary break from betting.
  • They can set customized limits on your budget and bets, hence restricting the amount you can lose over a certain period of time.
  • Let the customer support line of the betting agency help you and give advice. If you're having trouble controlling your gambling habits, send them a message or call them – they will surely help you find the right solution. The customer support lines also provide this kind of help.

Are you worried for your friends?

Are you worried that a close friend of yours or a family member is having trouble with betting? In that case, you can also contact the customer support line of the betting agency your friend or family member uses. They will surely hear you out and help you as well as the person are you worried about. Betting and gambling is supposed to be a form of entertainment, first and foremost. You can also contact experts in the area of gambling addiction. Here is a list of organizations which could provide help:

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