The recipe for successful betting

The recipe for successful betting

Remember that winning is always more important than betting. Many bettors play regularly, in some cases even continuously, because they view online betting as not only a way to make money but more importantly as a passion, entertainment as well as a free time activity and a way of relaxing. But that’s a mistake! At least when one intends to maximize your profit from betting.

Recreational bettors

Spending some money on relaxation in the form of betting is, of course, absolutely fine. In general this is a form of gambling which offers a certain, fairly small, chance to quickly get rich, but the foundations of success lie in excellent understanding of a certain sport that the bettor focuses on. Only then can you compete with the odds of bookmakers and hope to also intuitively take into account other aspects often overlooked by recreational bettors. Otherwise, there is a threat of facing continuous losses, and in case of lacklustre money management even gambling-related problems.

Success attributes

One needs ample amount of patience, time, free capital, mathematical knowledge, information from the world of sports and a fixed goal along with a plan for reaching it. A typical recreational bettor is aware of these requirements. But, unfortunately for him/her, these are often considered secondary or unimportant.

From a recreational bettor to a professional

It is very helpful to have in-depth knowledge of the given sport, and in some cases this is even necessary. The main reason for this is to allow a serious bettor to efficiently exchange information with professional bettors (punters) from other sport areas and collaborate with them based on his/her obtained credit in closed and open forums, blogs, sporting groups etc. Aside from having designated financial resources, reliable information and information sources, one very important factor is patience. After all, we all know how the saying goes: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet! And this is especially true in the world of betting.

There are many combinations of professional bettors. In some cases, they are formed right from the beginning via the reliable rules mentioned above. In other cases, they learned from their mistakes and gradually became professionals even though they started as recreational bettors. Of course, the development of every bettor is individual and their life cycle and the development of their bank management and/or psychological state is never a linear matter. On the contrary, when simplifying a bit one can represent these as a sine curve or the curve which captures the development of commodity prices, exchange rates and indexes.

A few betting tips at the end

  • Bide your time for a good opportunity, either identified by you or a reliable source
  • Find value and use it to your advantage!
  • Do your own statistics so that you can better react to the current state and obtain meaningful conclusions. If necessary, adjust your bank, goal or plan
  • Do not blindly follow the crowd or “public tips”
  • ALWAYS keep in mind that avoiding a loss = win
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