Online betting bonuses

Online betting bonuses

Registration / entry bonus

Bonuses are one of the criteria used by potential clients to select a betting agency. These are offered right from the moment of registration, in various amounts and under various conditions of use. It is especially the registration/entry bonus that is heavily advertised by all betting agencies (bookmakers). The entry bonus represents a financial bonus in order to support sales by the bookmaker's marketing department targeting potential new clients. The entry bonus is provided to the client after the first deposit. The first deposit also significantly influences the amount of the bonus, since the entry/registration bonus is often calculated as a percentage share of the first deposit, up to a specific maximum (e.g. 50% bonus from the first deposit up to a maximum of 100 EUR means that you need to deposit 200 EUR in order to get the maximum bonus). This is also followed by the conditions of use, which are an integral part of every bonus offer. These list the minimum odds, number of matches, multiples of the deposit or the bonus that need to be surpassed by the turnover and others... meeting this conditions is a necessary precondition that the client needs to satisfy in order to be able to fully use the bonus and specifically to be able to collect it. Sometimes these bonuses also appear during the life cycle of the player's account; these are then called refresh bonuses.

No-risk bets

Some betting agencies offer a classic no-risk bet as an entry bonus; these are sometimes also called free bets. This means that the given amount listed as the free bet will be returned to the player's account even if the bet is lost. Free bets are also popular during various special sports events and are offered not only to new but also to existing clients. Classical bonuses and free bets are even provided regularly, depending on meeting the conditions for turnover on bets, number of tickets, or other loyalty coefficients. Other offered bonuses often include bonuses provided for birthdays or registration anniversaries, all depending on the policies of individual betting agencies.

Other bonuses of betting agencies

One specific bonus that often appears in the offer of bookmakers and their marketing departments is the bonus for successful client verification; this is carried out after registration, as an additional step that motivates clients to verify their identity and hence be able to fully utilize the services of the selected betting agency.

One important aspect related to bonuses from the viewpoint of the client are the conditions for obtaining the bonuses. It is necessary to correctly identify the percentage value of the bonus based on the value of the deposit, the maximum value of the bonus, and the turnover conditions – which might appear as minimum betting odds, number of matches, or time limit for utilizing the bonus.

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