How to choose an online betting agency

How to choose an online betting agency

Recommended TOP online betting agencies


Betsafe offers its customers a wide selection of innovative products such as poker, sportsbetting and casino games. With a solid product range and unique customer support, Betsafe becomes the obvious choice for gaming enthusiasts all over the world!



The UNIBET is licensed casino and sportsbook with more than three million registered players and with high jackpots. The casino is available in 27 languages. You can use the credit cards, Moneybookers or Nettleter account for payments.


Betfair casino is an excellent place to play standard casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. There is also a wide range of online slots and betting on sports events.



Choosing the right betting agency is one of the first steps in your betting career. In any case, ideally you want to be able to use all of the positives provided by the selected betting agency. On the European market, there are hundreds betting agencies (bookmakers) to choose from; some are domestic while others have an international European license.

Of course, due to legislative changes and gambling regulations in individual countries, some bookmakers (betting agencies) offer their services illegally through their mirrors. This is primarily because illegal betting agencies represent a risk for the client, not the illegal betting agency itself.

Criteria for choosing a betting agency

The criteria depend primarily on what we expect from the betting agency. It is important to keep in mind the differences between subproducts offered by bookmakers for recreational players and those offered for professional betters. If we take into account all the criteria:

  • Odds level (KEY) – the betting agency's margin,
  • the range of offered LIVE and pre-match bets in terms of width (sports, leagues) and depth (sub-bets, opportunities for specific matches such as the Asian handicap, who scores goals etc.),
  • bookmaker fees,
  • maximum deposit / maximum net win,
  • bonus system,
  • possibility of making combined bets and bet lists, group bet lists,
  • possibility of early payment,
  • speed of handling individual requests / response speed,
  • LIVE video/audio broadcasts,
  • existence and value of limits for individual events, various restrictions in lower leagues etc.,
  • livechat,
  • forum and discussions,
  • the original look of the website, mobile version of the website, sportbox or mobile app,
  • payment methods.

In the end, choosing your betting agency is about your preference, your money management and betting strategy.

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