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Today we see increasing numbers of services offered online. This trend also applies to betting. Lots of online betting services are provided via the Internet. Some of the existing betting companies have expanded their portfolio and are addressing a much wider market via the web; however, many new, strictly online, betting companies have emerged, whose establishments cannot be found in conventional shops or shopping malls.

Compared with conventional betting companies, online betting has many advantages:

  • Convenience of betting from your home. At home, you can read through the matches and odds, you can take advantage of many published statistics and then easily place your bet.
  • You can bet online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can bet anytime you want; time plays no role. All you have to do is connect to the Internet, charge your betting account and place your bet. You can do this even on Christmas or a public holiday.
  • When betting online, you pay no service charges. “Offline” betting companies will charge a service fee for each placed bet. That is the price for having a physical person dealing with you in the shop, plus you also pay the operation of an “offline” betting company. The fee is either a fixed amount, or a percentage from the amount placed. With online betting, none of this takes place.
  • You can use plenty of bonuses. Competition in online betting is high, so web-based betting companies naturally try to attract as many new customers as they can. One of the incentives is the financial bonus, which the betting companies add to the player’s account upon his/her registration – usually to the first deposit and it often amounts to the whole sum. Of course, such a bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. The bonus must first be used for betting several times. Registration does not end anything; online betting companies offer many other loyalty bonuses.
  • You wager using higher odds than at “offline” betting companies. Online betting companies usually offer higher (more favourable) odds compared with the “offline” ones. It is because of their size - they operate all over the world and, thanks to higher turnover, they can afford to offer more favourable odds and higher winnings than “offline” betting companies.
  • “LIVE” bets. Live bets are a revolution in betting. Live wager means you can place your bet on a match in progress. Of course, odds are changing instantly after each goal, every minute. It is fun and it is offered by virtually all online betting companies. Because you bet via the Internet, you can be sitting in your favourite bar watching football or ice-hockey and placing your bet on the result using your mobile phone. Can it get funnier than this?

Just as there are consumer-protection associations in “real world”, there also exist state authorities in online betting, which supervise and inspect the quality and safety of individual betting companies. Therefore this site provides only the list of high-quality betting companies with an EU licence. We also regularly visit online betting sites, assess their information, and provide you with only the best and completely safe web-based betting companies.